Peri peri Multigrain sticks

Spicy Flavor | Crispy Crunchiness | Nutrient-Rich Multigrain Blend
Rs. 58.50
Rs. 65.00
Rs. 58.50
Weight: 120g
  • Crunchy Goodness

  • Made from Multigrains

  • Irresistible Flavors

  • COD Available


Delivering in 2-7 days

Peri peri Multigrain sticks

Peri peri Multigrain sticks

Rs. 65.00 Rs. 58.50

Peri peri Multigrain sticks

Rs. 65.00 Rs. 58.50
Weight: 120g

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Snaqary Multigrain Sticks?

Multigrain sticks are often considered a healthier snack option compared to regular potato chips or fried snacks. They usually contain a blend of whole grains, which provide essential nutrients, fiber, and energy. Additionally, they are often lower in fat and calories.

What is the shelf life of the Multigrain Sticks?

Multigrain Sticks will last up to 5 months when stored properly if you can resist the temptation of finishing it just after opening.

How are multigrain sticks different from regular potato chips?

Multigrain sticks are typically made from a mixture of different grains, while regular potato chips are made solely from potatoes. Multigrain sticks often offer a wider range of flavors, textures, and nutrients due to the various grains used.

Can multigrain sticks help with weight management?

Multigrain sticks can be a part of a balanced diet for weight management due to their relatively lower fat and calorie content compared to traditional fried snacks. However, portion control and overall dietary habits should be considered for effective weight management.

Can multigrain sticks be included in a child's lunchbox?

Yes, multigrain sticks can be a good addition to a child's lunchbox as a healthier alternative to regular chips or snacks. They provide a crunchy texture, and the variety of grains can contribute to a more balanced snack choice.

Can multigrain sticks be stored for a long time?

Multigrain sticks can typically be stored for a reasonable period. Generally, storing them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place helps maintain their crunchiness and freshness.

Can multigrain sticks be part of a diabetic-friendly diet?

Multigrain sticks can be a better choice for individuals with diabetes compared to snacks with high levels of refined carbohydrates. However, it's crucial to consider portion control and the overall carbohydrate intake to maintain blood sugar levels. Consulting with a healthcare professional or dietitian is recommended for personalized advice.

How can multigrain sticks be enjoyed?

Multigrain sticks can be enjoyed as a standalone snack or paired with dips, salsas, or spreads. They can also be crushed and used as a topping for salads or soups to add a crunchy element. Experimenting with different flavor combinations can make them even more enjoyable.

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